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May 31, 2015 / Sarah

I solemnly swear…

J discovered the Harry Potter series this past Christmas. while I love that she loves the series (she’s read all 7 and is halfway through a re-read already!), the fact that she’s currently making her own version of the Marauder’s Map while chanting “I solemnly swear I am up to no good” has me somewhat concerned! 

May 24, 2015 / Sarah

Adventures in police work

J helped arrest someone today! 

Okay, not really, but sort of. 

She was on a tour of the local police/fire station with her 4-H group. Each child had the opportunity to use the radar gun to check drivers coming down the highway – they should have been slowing down for the 50km zone. 

When Julia’s turn came up, the car she radar’d was doing 90+ km/h! The police officer immediately grabbed the radar gun from her, scanned the driver again and then flagged the car down. 

It turns out that, not only was the woman speeding, but she was also high and driving without a license! The kids alphas quickly been ushered away once it was clear that this was more serious that a speeding violation, but an arrest was made while they continued their tour.

While proud of her part in the whole scenario, when asked about her future career plans, she is adamant that this excitement did not make her want to be a police officer. 

March 15, 2015 / Sarah

9 and 5.5

9 and 5.5 is pretty awesome. While babies are adorable and toddlers are full of exploration and new milestones, 9 and 5.5 are proving to be my favourite so far.

5.5 is curious and silly, full of easy grins and the best hugs. Smart and keen, she’s observant with a quick wit and a wise sense of the people around her. Stubborn and foot-stompingly determined to get her own way, she knows when she’s in the wrong and soon gives in with a forceful “FINE, I’m DOING it!”. She loves to help in the kitchen, acting as an excellent sous-chef and sticking to her plan to be a baker/own a bakery when she grows up. She’s creative and perfectly happy with paper, scissors and a glue stick – even better if there’s some sparkle involved. She draws animals and people with equal attention to detail and there’s always a story to go along with the picture. She’s learning to spell and read and writes notes whenever possible. 5.5 loves music and lyrics and can hold her own in Glee Club with the older girls – she’s excited to try piano lessons again in the fall and often sits down to make up her own music on the keyboard. She can still play the songs she learned in the few months of lessons last spring. She loves skating and running and gymnastics and hates swimming. She can’t wait to get back to her bike riding this spring and will spend hours outside playing, given the chance. She’s proud of how quickly she’s learning French, and is very proud of her hard work learning to say her K and G sounds properly – a promised K & G party is imminent! She idolizes her big sister and does her very best to keep up, but is learning to stand up for herself, too. A happy, courageous, hard-working 5.5 is pretty awesome.

9 is independent and brave and smart. Uninterested in much of the “grownup” world around her, she’s perfectly happy making accessories for her stuffed animals and quoting Diego’s animal knowledge. She’s not in a hurry to grow up. 9 is sensitive and takes quick offence if her ideas are not given proper consideration or her plans are foiled. She’s also, even though it seems like a contradiction, wise and mature and often has excellent reasons for those ideas and plans. A voracious reader, she’s flying through the Harry Potter series and will likely finish all seven novels in less than 3 months. 9 is learning about friendships and making difficult decisions this school year. She’s often frustrated because she’s a perfectionist and a planner. She loves to learn and appreciates structure – lists and charts and clear expectations make life easier. 9 is learning to work together in a team and be a better leader and even won a school award for collaboration and responsibility! She’s starting to find her passions, and it’s exciting to watch her follow those instincts. This summer will be filled with hiking and geocaching, swimming and cycling, Brownie camp and triathlons. She’s already come up with a plan to spray paint a track in the backyard so she can train for the run segment of her triathlons and she can’t wait to tune up her bike and get back to the pool for more lessons!
9 is determined and intelligent, passionate and sensitive. She’s pretty cool.

The very best part of 9 and 5.5, though, is what good friends they are. They can play for hours together, imagining and creating and planning. They don’t much like to clean up the mess left in their wake, but the bond they are forging is worth 10 million tiny snips of paper in the carpet and a playroom floor thick with costumes and “set ups”.

March 15, 2015 / Sarah


Things are shifting and changing a bit at our house right now. There’s a new job on the horizon and I’m feeling more inspired than I have for a long time.

I miss writing here and since my memory is pretty terrible, I feel like I’m losing bits of the girls’ childhood that I’d like to hold on to. Not to mention the pieces of me and my own experiences that I want to keep track of.

So, here’s to new beginnings and refocusing. Again.

August 28, 2014 / Sarah

Aug 28: Things I am thankful for

Tonight I am thankful for:

– new friends who are becoming old friends
– old friends who aren’t going anywhere, even if they are far away
– fresh water in my taps
– grocery stores that are open after the kids go to bed
– kittens chasing paper balls
– Google
– friendly corner store employees who help my girls figure out if they have enough money to buy the 2 packs of gummies I said they could have PLUS a pack of gum. They did.
– salted caramel hot chocolate
– crayons, and the pictures my girls draw for me with them
– Scott’s oatmeal cookies

August 3, 2014 / Sarah

Summer of Passion (Fruit)

On our Summer Fun list was “try a new fruit”. So tonight we each had a granadilla (also known as passion fruit) for dessert. The results are in:


July 25, 2014 / Sarah

July 25: Things I am grateful for

Luther Marsh– long walks with my girls
– the voice in my head that told me to turn around on the first trail at 1.5 km because they were already done with the bugs and the boring no-view
– the Luther Marsh conservation area staff who cut the grass on the shoreline trail where there were no annoying bugs, only frogs and butterflies and pretty yellow-winged birds (so we managed a total of 5.5 km today! woot!)
– geocachers who place caches and leave hints that are actually helpful and not cryptic enigmas
– neighbour kids who play with my kids
– my hammock
– Bert & Ernie YouTube clips
– emails from my husband that tell me to “go for it!”


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